Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Who's Got Skills the Sequel

I am working on the sequel to Who’s Got Skills and after being told off because I ended the story with a “To be Continued” and being threatened. I often get these questions
Is Shy alive? What’s up with Ray? I can't stand Chin. and When is the sequel coming out?

I wanted to give you an opportunity to sound off about the book. Aside from the fact the editing was not done well as I thought. It sucks because I spent a pretty penny but its a lesson learned. I promise to do better the second time around. Actually, I am working on the second edition with the edits as we speak.

Overall the feedback has been great about the book and the Motorcycle Community, NY, DMV, the military and many others has shown me great love and support. I really appreciate it. I have to mention the Karamel Divaz MC by name as they really helped me get out of the gate. I can't thank them enough.

What I have learned is after reading through different articles and blogs some thought of sequels are the first one is always better. My theory is “Go hard or Go home”

Giving you another book is not what is important. Giving you the personality of each character you have taken personally is my fire when I get overwhelmed. I have been asked if I am TC.

The answer is sometimes. I did describe my physical attributes similar to hers and I am sarcastic all day, ask one of my ex boyfriend's. But I am also Ray too and Shy. None of the story is true although Chin is someone who I knew but did not do the things in the book. His personality was so intriguing I created the character Chin around him. Smoke if you remember too is someone who was close too me.. I wish he still was but that's another story let me get focused.

As I work through the sequel I want to give some of you an opportunity to title the sequel. The easiest title would be the obvious Who’s Got Skills II.

Other thoughts for a title is Patience is Dead, The Rebirth of TC, Sweet Oblivion, Inviting Oblivion, Oil and Sugar, Truthful Liar, Skillful Liar. I could use some suggestions.

Let me have your thoughts. As I work through the sequel maybe I will add what you think should happen in the book. I am busy writing in my trusty beat up note book, on the back of flyer's and anywhere the mood hits and I have time.

Keep your fingers crossed I get this out over the summer