Wednesday, February 4, 2009

No, I am not desperate. It's a Wedding Dress Raffle thats all

So why the Wedding Dress Raffle?

Well, if no one has noticed yet, their is a recession. I was supposed to be married and it did not work out. Simple right? We had the rings, reception hall all I needed was some shoes and I was good to go. As fate would have it I broke it off. He wasn't a bad guy, the timing wasn't right. Actually we are great friends and he just had a baby. Really I am thrilled for him.

The dress is gorgeous and I figured I am a new author promoting my book Who's Got Skills, I didn't like the consignment shops in my area and really I was too spacey to remember to look for the shop to bring the dress to. Really, I wanted to do something nice for someone else. President Obama said how will you help others in 2009.

My way of doing is, I have friends that either have lost someone to breast cancer or had breast cancer. My mom is an RN Oncology Nurse and she loses quite a bit of patients to various types of cancer. Her stories of the great people she has aided made me want to give 5% of what I made from the raffle to the National Breast Research foundation.

I want to give a smile to a Bride that wants a dress but may not have the funds to spend allot of money for a dress and a veil.

Finally, I want people to read my book Who's Got Skills and enjoy a story about Love, Murder and Motorcycles. For $20.00 as an entry to buy a book. I consider that to be a great deal.

So no it's not a gimmick or get rich scheme. I just think my book is worth the money spent.

Breast Cancer Research is important and finally. If I can't be a fabulous size 8 Bride someone should be.

Now that I have explained to the ones knitting their eyebrows worried about the validity of it all go to my website and get Who's Got Skills at hit the Pay Pal button and you will receive an autographed copy of the book and a raffle ticket.

Winner will be responsible to pay for shipping and handling if only purchased one raffle entry or one – two books.

Purchase 3 books or more and we will ship the dress and veil to you for “FREE

Contact with any questions
Or call 240 320 3437

The raffle ends March 3, 2009 and will be announced on this blog.

Points just in case I forgot. The Monique Luo dress and veil are brand new purchased from David's Bridal

I don't have a picture of the veil but it is antique (ivory) scalloped edges and long Cathedral style

I hope you don't miss out on a great opportunity all for twenty bucks.

Heck you can't even fill up a gas tank for twenty bucks these days..

Good Luck